Pakor with bananas

жаренные бананы
A great recipe. Here you can see the video in Russian. Bananas are melting inside, like cream, and received a very delicate cakes. And done quickly. By the way, tried to do and in a double boiler, but not photographed - too tasty :) but we have to put them in a bowl so that the dough does not flowed. It turns out something like dumplings with bananas

Flour – 200 grams
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Cinnamon – 0.5-1 tsp (to taste)
Milk – 300-400 ml
Bananas - 6-8 pcs

Time: about 20 minutes.


  • lay out all the necessary ingredients on the table;
  • heat the oil for frying on low heat;
  • heat the milk to warm conditions;
  • mix the dry ingredients;
  • gradually add the warm milk, stir with a spoon or whisk;
  • the dough should have the consistency of a cream;
  • clean our bananas and cut crosswise into 4 parts;
  • put slices of bananas into the batter;
  • we to determine the desired temperature of the oil for frying;
  • dripping batter into the oil if the dough immediately float to the surface, but it does not darken sharply, then the temperature is suitable;
  • Spoon in batter to pick up bananas and dip in oil;
  • fry until golden brown;
  • before serving sprinkle with powdered sugar;

I beg you .. all who read ... to correct my mistakes, and teach me how to correctly form sentences :) write me a mail

жаренные бананы

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